Friday, November 22, 2013

Five steps to reclaim your digital life over the weekend

Weekend plan for the Technology Manager

1. Read all those posts in Google+, FB, Twitter which you had skipped during the meetings and thought will catch up later with. In case the post is more than 2 days old, anyway they are irrelevant now. (Tips: In G+, you can create a circle with yourself as the only member. If you find some nice article, you can reshare it to that circle for reading it later).

2. Throw out your blackberry - you can live without it (Read the fine print: you can live without your Blackberry, but possibly not without your phone)

3. If you are a pro Photographer, skip this step as anyway you will do something to do with photography. If you are aiming to be a photographer or think yourself as a photographer or you are really an amateur one, click atleast one pic - even if its of a pumpkin. That is the only way to learn photography.

4. Be a little narcissist this week by searching for your name in Google. Check if your name is coming in any unwanted place. If so, take action, claim back your name and reputation.

5. Last but not the least, shut down your laptop once especially if you are on Windows. The memory leaks and the temp files are eating out your productive hours. One shutdown a day keeps the IT admin away.

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